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   With the everyday tasks at hand, not many home/business owners have the time to tend to their gutters, downspouts, and other tough cleaning jobs. Not only can this be a time consuming and messy job without the right equipment, but it can also be dangerous. Thankfully, Kent Island Gutters is here to provide you with a professional and stress free service.

   Whether you are just looking for a cleaning a couple times a year or need cleanings monthly, we are here to answer your requests. Do you have damaged gutters and or downspouts? Do you need new gutters or downspouts? Would you like state of the art gutter guards that have a 20 year manufacture warranty, so you never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again? If so, give us a call, schedule a free estimate, and we will have your gutter looking new and most importantly functioning correctly. Rain run-off from improper gutter/downspout drainage, can result in damage to your houses foundation, windows, siding, and landscaping  Pooling water in gutters and on roof tops can also lead to leaking roofs, which can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Preventative maintenance is the key here, and at Kent Island Gutters we will provide you with that peace of mind. 

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Nice Gutters!

Warning signs that indicate potential roof drainage problems:

  • Visual debris in the gutters and/or downspouts
  • Water overflow, due to filled gutters
  • Plants/Weeds growing out of gutters
  • Little to no water draining from your downspouts during episodes of light or heavy rain
  • Presence of animals or birds nesting in your gutters
  • Gutters sagging from the weight of water/debris inside of them
  • Gutters or downspouts hanging off the house, due to improperly being fastened
  • Pooling of water and damaged landscaping next to the house.
  • Other less obvious warning signs as well! 

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